How to Get Started with a Content Marketing Plan for LinkedIn

How to Get Started with a Content Marketing Plan for LinkedIn

Blog post by Karen Hollenbach

10th August, 2023

Have you been planning to spend more time on LinkedIn for your business? To help you maximise LinkedIn, here are the five steps I recommend you consider to develop a content marketing plan for LinkedIn.

One of the many reasons I love LinkedIn is because it demands so much less time, attention and content creation than social media (I am looking at you Instagram!). If you provide business services or you’re a coach, consultant or offer professional services, LinkedIn is a great place to build your reputation and encourage referrals. If you have a consumer product or retail brand, social media may be a better focus for you than LinkedIn.

The key with LinkedIn is to have a well written profile, to curate your newsfeed and to be intentional about the time you spend there.

Step One: Know Your Focus for LinkedIn

Knowing your focus for LinkedIn means you’ll be more effective and intentional when you’re there. Doing this upfront thinking can save you a lot of time. Here are some of the things to think about before developing a content plan for LinkedIn.

  • What are your goals for spending time on LinkedIn? e.g expand your connections, network, build awareness of your brand and services, establish your thought leadership, grow your following.
  • Are the people you want to get into conversations with on LinkedIn?
  • LinkedIn profile and/or LinkedIn page? 
  • What are the conversations you / your organisation wants to lead, start or contribute to on LinkedIn?


If you had to set an intention for LinkedIn, what would it be?

Step Two: Spend Time on LinkedIn to Start Conversations

When you post valuable content on LinkedIn, you are leading and initiating a conversation with fellow LinkedIn members, which is a good thing! However, the time you spend on LinkedIn is not just about posting content. Your focus also needs to be engaging in conversations started by others. Develop networking and sales rituals on LinkedIn to support the referrers and advocates who are active on LinkedIn, invite people you’ve recently met to connect and conduct client research.

Step Three: Build your LinkedIn content muscle

Consider a phased approach that begins with reviewing your LinkedIn presence. How’s your profile looking? Have you created a company page? The LinkedIn company page is a free feature and easy to create. Here’s how. 

Do not try to do it all. Make a decision to do something when you’re on LinkedIn. Like or comment on relevant content. Re-post an insightful update from a fellow LinkedIn member or from a company page, with your commentary. Work up to posting once a week or so and build your LinkedIn content muscle.

Step Four: Be Consistent 

Consistency is the cornerstone of an effective content plan. If you’ve decided on a posting frequency, stick to it for at least 3 months and then evaluate its effectiveness. Here’s a few things to consider to help you be consistent on LinkedIn:

  • What are you already creating in your email newsletter or on your website that you can repurpose for LinkedIn?
  • What is your cornerstone content for LinkedIn? e.g. regular tips, newsletter, videos, LinkedIn Lives, sharing your latest podcast episode or blog, etc.
  • Is your content posting plan documented? Use a spreadsheet to track the times you post. 
  • Have you allocated ‘LinkedIn time’ in your schedule each week?


Step Five: Follow LinkedIn Rituals

I recommend you systemise your marketing and content rituals for your LinkedIn posting plan and use the LinkedIn scheduling tools, analytics and marketing features to maximise your time. Look for conversation starters based on the traffic you’re creating to your profile and page with the increased activity as a result of your content marketing plan.

Finally, please remember Step Two! LinkedIn is a professional community and your biggest opportunity is to start conversations with potential clients and community members. Don’t just post and walk away. 

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About the Author

Karen Hollenbach is a LinkedIn Training Specialist, Educator, Writer & Speaker and the Founding Director of educational consultancy, Think Bespoke.

Karen offers a unique perspective to help individuals and organisations use LinkedIn better to achieve their professional goals.

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