How to List Your Professional Services on Your LinkedIn Profile

How to List Your Professional Services on Your LinkedIn Profile

Blog post by Karen Hollenbach

2nd November, 2023

LinkedIn Service Pages are dedicated landing pages that showcase your services and businesses at no cost, and operate on a request and proposal model. If LinkedIn is on your business to do list, this article will help you decide if the providing services feature is suitable for you. 

Here’s what the feature looks like on my LinkedIn profile.

You can list a wide variety of services across Accounting, Coaching & Mentoring, Consulting, Design, Events, Finance, Home Improvement, Information Technology, Insurance, Law, Marketing, Operations, Photography, Real Estate, Software Development and Writing.

You can add media to your services page, including images, video and external links. You can also invite past clients to review your service.

How to Set up Providing Services on your LinkedIn Profile

To begin offering your services on LinkedIn, you’ll need to create a LinkedIn Service Page. Follow these steps:

  • Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  • Click the View Profile button.
  • Click the Open to (or Add Goal) button and select Providing services.
  • Select Providing services.
  • Click the Continue button after reviewing How it works.
  • Complete the Service Page set up information.
  • Add the services that you provide. 
    • Write an About description to explain your services and experience (optional). 
    • Select your work location and select the checkbox to indicate if you’re open to remote work. 
    • You can show buyers your estimated price range by selecting your Starting hourly rate, but I recommend you choose the option Contact for pricing.
    • Definitely select the checkbox to allow buyers to message you regardless of your degree connection (optional). This expands your reach beyond your 1st degree connections.
  • Click the Next button.
  • Preview the information that will appear on your Service Page.
  • Click the Publish button to make your Service Page viewable by members.


If you want to edit your services page, click on the grey pencil on the RH side of your Providing services section in your LinkedIn profile’s intro card.

Once you are happy with the set up, it’s time to ask your clients to review your services. Client reviews on your services page are separate from a recommendation on your LinkedIn profile.

The Benefits of the LinkedIn Profile Providing Services feature

This profile feature is great for service based businesses who know their potential clients hang out on LinkedIn. It allows you to highlight your professional services at the top of your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn members can search services within LinkedIn to find you and request a proposal for your services. One of my clients found her videographer using this feature.

Once you’ve received your 5 star rating you can share your client’s reviews as a post from your LinkedIn profile. 

The Limitations of the LinkedIn Profile Providing Services feature

This feature is not for every business type. LinkedIn sets the services, so you need to make sure that the list of services match what you offer. While you can list external links within your services page, they are currently restricted to specific sites (e.g. Google docs, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Onedrive, Vimeo and YouTube). This feature relies on potential clients searching for services on LinkedIn. 

An important side note – the enquiries I regularly receive for the services listed in this section of my profile tend to come via LinkedIn messaging or new invitations to connect, rather than the formal ‘request a quote’ feature via the services page. Don’t let this deter you. At the very least, check if your services are listed in this feature and then list your main services so they are featured at the top of your LinkedIn profile

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