Social Entreprises in Australia: Making a Difference​

Social Entreprises in Australia: Making a Difference

Blog post by Nandeeta Maharaj

25th August, 2023

Social enterprises are profit with purpose businesses striving to use their resources to make the world a better place.

They use their business activities to create social and environmental benefits, such as providing employment and training for marginalised people, or supporting charities and communities by donating part of their profits.

Social enterprises are growing in popularity in Australia. A recent report by Social Enterprise Australia states there are now over 12,000 social enterprises in the country, employing over 200,000 people and contributing $21.3 billion to the economy each year.* Although the report states there are over 12,000 Social Enterprises, the number is likely to be much higher. 

Social enterprises are making a real difference. They are:

  • Creating jobs: Social enterprises are creating jobs for people who might otherwise struggle to find employment, such as people with disabilities, those escaping domestic violence, and refugees.
  • Providing training: Social enterprises are providing training and skills development to people who need it, helping them to get into the workforce or to start their own businesses.
  • Supporting local communities: Social enterprises are supporting local communities by donating to charities, volunteering their time, and providing products and services that benefit the community.

If you are looking for a way to make a difference in Australia, you can support social enterprises by:

  • Shopping with social enterprises: When you buy products or services from social enterprises, you are helping to create jobs, provide training, and support local communities. 
  • Volunteering your time: Social enterprises are always looking for volunteers to help with a variety of tasks.
  • Donating: Some Social Enterprises accept donations and it can help them continue their work and to grow.

Goods for Good is an online store with a focus on products from Social Enterprises. It is a chance for you to use the power of your consumer dollar for good and buy your everyday products and gifts from Social Enterprises here in Australia. 

Find a Social Enterprise by following the links below. Goods 4 Good is a member of SECNA, QSEC and SENVIC.

Social Enterprise NSW and ACT (SECNA) aims to strength and expand the social enterprise ecosystem across NSW & ACT by amplifying the work of their members.

Queensland Social Enterprise Council (QSEC) comprises of individuals who are passionate about Social Enterprise and are actively working in the space to create impact. 

Social Enterprise Network of Victoria (SENVIC) is a one stop shop for social enterprise resources in Victoria for every step of the journey.

WA Social Enterprise Council (WSEC) is the peak body formed by leaders in Western Australia’s social enterprise sector to build a new economy that places community, employee, and environmental impact at its centre.

South Australia Social Enterprise Council (SASEC) is dedicated to representing the interests of South Australian social enterprises; and supporting and building a flourishing Social Enterprise sector in South Australia.

Impact North is a community of social entrepreneurs committed to creating positive social change in Northern Australia.

Social Enterprise Network Tasmania (SENTAS) is a united voice representing the interests of Tasmania’s social enterprise sector.

Social Traders has over 500 certified social enterprises on their platform.

*Source: Report by Social Enterprise Australia – Business for Good: The size and economic contribution of social enterprise in Australia)

About the Author

Nandeeta Maharaj is an advocate of the Social Enterprise business model after working for a Social Enterprise as their CSR Marketing Manager for four years. After this role ended, Nandeeta set out to make little changes in her everyday purchases by buying from Social Enterprises that were making the world a better place. This proved to be a time-consuming exercise as there was no central place to buy these products. So, in November 2021, she launched Goods 4 Good. This is where your everyday purchase can have the benefit of addressing some of the social and environmental issues in Australia and the world. Here, you can use the power of your consumer dollar for Good.

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