How working on your business will put your back in control

How working on your business will put your back in control

Blog post by Stephanie Gobraiel

6th April, 2023

Working on your business is all about giving your business the time and energy to build your business visibility, profile and the back end of your business. On the other hand, working in your business is the actual client work. 

Why working on your business matters

Working on your business isn’t a ‘once-and-done’ kind of thing. It’s something you need to do regularly and consistently. 

You’ll reduce the feeling of overwhelm 

When you make the time to work on your business, you’ll feel more on top of things. You’ll be more in control of your daily business life and see the benefit of the effort you’ve put in. You’ll know what you need to do each week and reduce the overwhelm you’ve been feeling about all the things you want to do – because you’ll actually be doing them! 

You’ll improve your visibility and credibility

By working on your business, you’ll build credibility and visibility simply by showing up. When your systems are in tip-top shape, and your marketing and networking are rolling along, your brand will flourish, and people will notice your commitment, consistency and your confidence will build. 

You’ll build a pipeline of regular work

When you’re kicking goals with your business management, the incredible outcome will be a more secure pipeline of work. By showing up consistently and targeting the right services to the right people, your business will keep working for you – even when you’re sleeping. 

No amount of planning can really prepare you for the jump.

Withstanding the fact that it really is quite hard, the move to consulting and facilitating has brought opportunities to work across more than I’d ever thought possible in 12 months.

From technology companies shaping online education and government championing community engagement, to tackling skills and careers shortages, and working alongside boards and executive teams, the projects have been diverse and complex.  

And most importantly, aligned to the driving force behind Shape & Impact – helping purpose-led organisations and leaders deliver strategy and change with long-lasting positive impact.

In the first few months, I wrote a lot about plans for the future.

This time, it’s looking back on three cross-cutting industry insights and three personal reflections.

Because everything in strategy (or so I’ve been taught) is better in threes! 

How you can start working ON your business today

Now you’ve seen why it’s important to work on your business, it’s time to make a start. But you don’t need to wait until you have all your ducks lined up in a neat little row (you never will!). You can start working ON your business TODAY. 

Step 1 – Make time and build boundaries (and stick to them)

The best thing you can do today is to go to your calendar and book a regular time slot to work ON your business. Even if it’s just one hour a week, block that time out now and use it to work towards achieving goals that will improve your business and make you shine brighter.

And once you’ve blocked out that time – respect it. 

Tip: Find the quietest time of your week to work ON your business. This might be the beginning of the week, or the end of the week. Whenever it is, choose a time you know you’ll be able to keep for your business.

Step 2 – Focus on your marketing driver as your priority

If you don’t already have a marketing driver, pick one and invest effort into building it. Your marketing driver is your main content marketing focus – it could be a blog, a podcast, a YouTube channel or another content channel where you get to share your expertise and value. Keep an ongoing list of ideas so that you’ve already got it planned when it’s time to work on your next post, episode or video. 

Step 3 – Review your business foundations

Once your marketing driver is strong, it’s time to review the rest of your small business foundations.

If you’re not sure what your business foundations are, read my comprehensive blog on small business foundations to help you decide what to focus on next. 

Ready to get working ON your business? Make a start today.

I hope this post has made you ready to start loving your business again by giving it the care and attention it needs to thrive.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. And please share this with anyone else you know who needs to take back control of their business again.

If you want to know more about how an OBM can help you achieve your business planning goals, book a FREE discovery call with me. I’d love to help you take charge of your business again.

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Steph Gobraiel is a highly experienced Online Business Manager (OBM) and founder of Virtual Associate Services. As a former executive assistant to high-level corporate managers, (15 years) she has a wealth of experience and business knowledge.

As an OBM Steph helps coaches, creatives and consultants develop effective business habits and run their businesses more efficiently. Her sound advice streamlines business operations, and Steph specialises in helping her clients build impressive online profiles.

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