How to scale your brand with paid advertising

How to scale your brand with paid advertising

Blog post by Chelsea Berman

9th March, 2023

The one thing that most business owners have in common is that we want to grow our businesses and help more people.

As a paid advertising expert, I help businesses implement a full funnel approach to their paid ads that helps them attract new people in their target audience, while also nurturing and converting their existing audiences across Facebook, TikTok, Google and Pinterest.

The different advertising campaigns you can run

Usually the platform I recommend people starting paid advertising on is Meta (Facebook and Instagram), so I will be talking mostly about this platform in this article. However you can apply majority of the same strategies to other ads platforms as well.

On Meta there are a few different types of campaigns you can run depending on your goals. The main ones I use with my clients are:

  • Traffic campaign
  • Lead campaign
  • Conversion campaign


So if you want more traffic, leads or sales? They’ve got you covered!

How to create a paid ads funnel

Once you’ve decided what type of campaign you want to run, you’ll then set up your audiences and ads. The main mistake I see people making when it comes to paid ads is not creating a funnel.

If you haven’t seen a marketing funnel before or need a refresher, here is what it looks like:

You have your largest section of the funnel up the top, and this is when people first discover your brand. It is all your new, cold audiences that haven’t interacted with you in any way. Once people engage with you, they move further down the funnel.

The middle of the funnel is the consideration stage, people might have engaged on your socials or been on your website, but they are still considering whether they want to buy from you or not. They are your warm audiences.

Then we have the bottom of funnel, and this is when the sales start rolling in! These are people that you have nurtured through your different marketing activities and are ready to buy, you just need to convince them with some clever copy, a different creative or an offer.

You need to make sure you are thinking about the full funnel when you are creating your ad campaigns. Don’t just create a campaign targeting new people, or a campaign only targeting your existing audiences. It might work well for a small amount of time, but it doesn’t allow any room for long term growth or scale.

Who to target at different stages of the funnel

Now I want to show you how to implement a funnel into your ad campaigns! You want to split up your campaigns so you have different campaigns for your cold (new) audiences and different campaigns for your warm (existing) audiences. Keeping these separate allow you to use different budgets, audiences and ads for each stage of the customer journey which is vital.

The top of funnel can include audiences such as lookalike audiences, where your existing warm audiences are used to find more people with the same interests, demographics, behaviours etc. You can also target people directly based on their interests and other data that the advertising platforms have collected.

The middle and bottom of funnel should include audiences like your website visitors, people who have added your products to their cart but not purchased, your social media engagers, email lists and more! Anyone who has engaged with you in some way (that you can track) is someone you want to be targeting at this stage of the funnel.

Good luck, and happy testing

Although it’s hard to grasp the full potential of paid advertising through a short blog post, it’s all about having the strategy, and then testing it with your brand!

If you’d like to learn more about using paid advertising in your business, head to my website at Blossom Media.

About the Author

Chelsea Berman is a 24-year old ambitious entrepreneur, marketer and founder of Blossom Media, a social media agency empowering eCommerce brands to grow their sales and build their community online.

Over the last three years, Chelsea and her team have grown countless eCommerce brands through social media advertising, including Greenhouse Interiors, Montii, Tiger Tribe and The New Devine. In addition to this, Chelsea has helped brands turn $1000 into $100,000 through a strategic approach to social media, advertising and education. Chelsea’s passion lies in empowering and educating brands to learn and leverage their online presence, sales and impact through strategic social media. 

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