Finding your style is SELF CARE for your business​​

Finding your style is SELF CARE for your business​

Blog post by Yi Be

17th May, 2023

Self care can come in many forms. The important thing here, it doesn’t look the same to everyone. 

In running your business and being a leader in your space, it takes more than a moment to take a pause. But here in this pause, lies the power to grow and scale your business to where you want it to be.

Here’s a question for you. What is your relationship to your style?

Does self care spring to mind? Let me tell you a little secret, it can be.

At the core of it, personal style is about reflecting who you are on the inside on the outside. More to this, your style can reflect the direction you’re heading or where you want to head.

Where does self care come into it?

It means saying YES to putting yourself first and in this way, you are showing up for yourself now so you are able to be the person you want to be in the future.

How we feel in business is equally as important to all factors as it allows your audience to understand what your business is about and inherently understand your brand which is about you!

This an opportunity for you to display your ambition, your hopes, your personality through your style.

We all know, being authentic is a key driver in finding your audience – how about showing this through your clothes?

Here are 3 tips to get you started today.

Get excited about where you want to be 

Take a moment to think about where you want your business to be in the next year. What does this look like to you? How do you want to feel? 

Jot a few sentences down to gain clarity on the direction of your business and how you want to feel in these moments in the future.

Vision Board

It’s important to identify which styles you enjoy. Ask yourself how can you best reflect yourself in your business? What looks or pieces feel like you and as a result tell your story for your audience to see.

Scour the internet, find images that you love and place them into a folder or print them out and create a collage. If you’re stuck here – find a person in business you admire and see if their style resonates with where you want to be.

This vision board will allow you to get really clear on how you want to look and feel in your growth in business.

Edit your wardrobe 

Now that you have a clear sense of where you want to be in the future and you have the supporting images – it’s time to have a look at your own wardrobe.

You may already have pieces in your wardrobe that will help fulfill your vision. Take the time to look through your clothes and identify whether they align with your vision board and thoughts you’ve jotted down. This process is going to unlock your style and your potential for your business.

Taking the time to slow down and understand your style means you are not only taking time and care for yourself, BUT it allows you to show up for your business in the best and authentic version of yourself. 

About the Author

Yi is a qualified Personal Stylist based in Melbourne. With a focus on building healthy relationships with your style, Yi is passionate about empowering her clients to unlock their full style potential.

Her fiery passion ensures her clients are connecting with their style by aligning who they are on the inside and reflecting this on the outside. This allows her clients to show up as their most authentic self in all parts of their life – personal and professional.

She strives to make a safe environment where her clients can be heard and to help build a stronger relationship with their style.

Visit for more details on her work.

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