A Natural Remedy to Destress and Stay Centered​

A Natural Remedy to Destress and Stay Centered

Blog post by Toni-Marie Aston

12th May, 2023

As entrepreneurs and working professionals, we can often lead busy and demanding lives that can leave us feeling disconnected from ourselves and our surroundings. At Grounded Cup, we believe that true success and fulfillment come from a place of inner peace and balance. This is where ceremonial cacao comes in – a sacred plant that has been used by indigenous cultures in Central and South America for thousands of years to cultivate a deep connection to the self and the natural world.

When consumed mindfully, ceremonial cacao has the ability to ground us, open our hearts, and connect us to the present moment.

Beyond its physical and mental benefits, ceremonial cacao offers a spiritual journey that can take us back to our roots and remind us of who we truly are. It invites us to slow down, tune in, and connect with the wisdom of our bodies and the natural world. By incorporating ceremonial cacao into our daily lives, we can create a ritual of self-care that allows us to cultivate a deeper sense of presence, gratitude, and joy. Here are some of the many benefits of ceremonial cacao:

Increased focus and productivity:

  • Cacao contains theobromine, aa natural stimulant that can help improve concentration and focus.
  • It can also provide a boost of energy without the crash that often comes with coffee.


Reduced stress and anxiety:

  • Cacao contains an amino acid called theanine, which has been shown to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety.
  • It also contains magnesium, a mineral that can help soothe the nervous system and reduce stress.


Improved mood and emotional well-being:

  • Cacao contains compounds called flavanols, which have been shown to have mood-enhancing effects.
  • It also contains phenylethylamine (PEA), a natural compound that promotes feelings of happiness and well-being.



  • Cacao is packed with minerals such as magnesium, iron, and zinc, which are essential for overall health and well-being.
  • It also contains antioxidants, which can help protect against cellular damage and lower the risk of chronic disease.
  • By incorporating ceremonial cacao into your morning routine, you can start your day feeling calm, focused, and energized. It’s the perfect way to set the tone for a productive and fulfilling day ahead. To make your own ceremonial cacao, simply heat up some water and mix in the cacao until it’s smooth and frothy. You can also add natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup if desired.


“When we drink ceremonial cacao, we are tapping into the ancient wisdom of indigenous cultures and connecting with the healing power of nature. It is a journey of grounding, connection, and transformation.”

– Toni-Marie, Co-Founder, Grounded Cup.

At Grounded Cup, we offer high-quality ceremonial cacao that’s sustainably sourced and ethically produced. We believe that everyone can benefit from incorporating this sacred plant into their daily routine. If you’re interested in learning more about ceremonial cacao and how it can benefit you, please visit our website at www.groundedcup.com.au.

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About the Author

Grounded Cup is a brand that is deeply rooted in the belief that wellness and sustainability go hand in hand. Co-founded by Toni-Marie and her brother Robert, Grounded Cup is dedicated to creating moments that ground you with their speciality roasted coffee and ceremonial cacao products.

Toni-Marie’s journey with ceremonial cacao began during her personal development journey, where she discovered its powerful ability to keep her grounded and centered. This led to the creation of Grounded Cup, a brand that is passionate about sharing the transformative power of cacao and coffee with others. They have a sustainable, fair trade, and ethical approach to their products, ensuring that every cup is not only delicious but also supports the well-being of the planet and its people.

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