How to “Trust Your Gut” More in Business​

How to “Trust Your Gut” More in Business

Blog post by Laetitia Andrac

20th March, 2023

We all know the saying “trust your gut”. That feeling we get when we know something isn’t right, or something IS! Have you ever thought about how this can help you scale and grow in business? 

Maybe you “trusted your gut” when you were younger and broke up with your old high school boyfriend. What a bullet dodged there! 

We all have those “trust your gut” feelings. But, often we don’t act on them enough. What happens here is, the less you trust in yourself, the less likely your gut feelings are going to shine when you need them most. 

The meaning of “trust your gut” 

What is the term “trust your gut”? Well, it is really what we call intuition. A term we all have heard before. When you search intuition in the dictionary you get this simple definition: “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning”. 

The word “trust your gut” comes from the feeling you get in your stomach when your intuition is trying to tell you something. A sign from your body. 

While it makes sense to “trust our gut” or as I like to call it “tap into our intuition”, when it comes to relationships and general life, many of us are not using it in our business. 

What is intuition in business?

Just like when your intuition told you to break up with your old boyfriend in high school, it also will tell you about decisions you make in your business. 

Have you ever heard someone in business say “I don’t know why I did it, I just did”? This is the definition of intuition. Intuition is the heart, when you lead with your heart, magical things happen.

So let’s imagine if we used our intuition in business! If we trusted ourselves more to do what we want? 

Here is what it can help you do: 

  1. Cut out the noise: you will hear so many things you “should” and “shouldn’t” do in business. Your intuition will help guide you in the right direction.

  2. Make aligned choices: once you learn to listen to your intuition you will make choices that are good for YOU and your business.  

  3. Prevent burnout: because you build your business around your life and what you want. 

  4. Help you to scale: when you trust yourself and your magic, great things happen in your business. We take more risks and we have confidence in what we can achieve. 


The 5 steps to connect with your intuition in business

How can you start to connect with your intuition? It is important to be still. Take time to stop. To pause. This is where we can blend energetics into our business to help us connect with this intuition. To take aligned action and to see our vision come to life. 

How I have managed to use intuition in business for myself and my clients is through my L.I.G.H.T method

Lean in: own the business vision. Bring the vision to life. What you want to create. 

Example: your vision is to be a digital nomad. So you set the intention. This is why you started your business. 

Illuminate: create the path forward. In the way that works for you and not everyone else. 

Example: you set the digital nomad intention when you were in the lean in phase, so now the path forward is clear. you need to build a business model that compliments this lifestyle. Less 1:1 more “one to many”. 

Gather: pull together everything you know and everyone you know to help you create the aligned business you want. 

Example: you gather everything you know in your business to create a business model that works for you. You also call on your network and guidance to support this journey. 

Honour: give the space and time for integration. 

Example: you allow time for this to work out. Test your new offers. Trust when things don’t always go to plan.

Transform: watch the magic unfold. 

Example: you are now travelling the world with your business! 

Want to learn how you can take action to tap into your intuition more and trust your gut?

The launch of my NEW book is happening in 2023. The book will give you the step-by-step framework on how to build intuition into your business. Join the waitlist to be the first to know when it is released. 

About the Author

Laetitia Andrac is an energetics & strategy business mentor (aka a ‘business doula’ as she carved this name for her work). She is the founder and CEO of Essential Shift Consulting Pty Ltd. She helps women leaders & entrepreneurs in creating a soul aligned business, career & life without burning out. She believes that what you think (in your head/mind), what you feel and are passionate about (in your heart/soul), and what you are creating (with your hand and will) are deeply connected, hence the logo of her business Essential shift with the 3 circles, which represent these 3 elements.

She is making ancient spiritual wisdom accessible for busy modern-day entrepreneurs. She has a solid grounding in mindfulness (started meditation at 5-year-old) and spirituality (lineage of healers), along with an authentic ‘say it as it is’ approach and impressive business savvy and strategic background. She incorporates her 15+ years in business and leadership to guide women to create soul & business alchemy.

Her passion is to bring a sense of the sacred and intentionality to everyday life. She is a mother of two girls and lives in Cronulla Beach. She is attempting to practice what she teaches, coaches and mentors:  creating a life that is aligned and sustainable.

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